Michel Comte
"Les Jastres"
385 Av. Beauséjours
83700 Saint Raphaël
Tel: +33 4 94 95 36 28
e-mail: jastres@dogdomain.com

FCI official breed standard
30 years ago, I was registering my first bourbonnais pointer on the LOF (French Origins Book). It hadn't happened since ten years. After having recreated the Bourbonnais Pointer Club, I have been its president during 20 years, while going on with my breeder activity, whose name " le Rocher des Jastres ", is present on every champion's pedigree, thanks to Uno, Pink, Luron, Skira, Mousse….
Pink du Rocher des Jastres
Judge of the Société Centrale Canine, for beauty contest as well as field trial, I followed the evolution of the different breedings, which enables me today to be able to recreate the genealogy of most living bourbonnais pointers, very usefull knowledge for every serious breeder.
Mousse du Rocher des Jastres
Themis dou Coudounie
I produce puppies only once a year, but give advice to a number of non professional breeders who will be happy to provide you you the dog of you dreams.
Luron du Rocher des Jastres
Julius de la Croix Saint Loup looking at his puppies....